About Care for Life

Care for Life respectfully acknowledges all indigenous peoples of Western Australia, the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the Land on which we live and die.

Who we are

Care for Life is an informal association of individuals, groups and organisations who are very concerned at moves to legalise euthanasia and/or assisted suicide in Western Australia.

Through this website we hope to raise awareness of the substantial medical, ethical and legislative problems that inevitably accompany euthanasia or assisted suicide wherever they are introduced.

We seek to restore critical reason and balance to the (currently) uncritical acceptance of euthanasia.

How we work

Care for Life is committed to honour the dignity of every person, including those who take a contrary view on this divisive subject.

We will always respect the rights of others to hold their personal views, and we ask that our views be granted the same respect throughout the public debate.

We believe that honest, objective analysis of the facts will lead our State to reject euthanasia and assisted suicide as legitimate options for our citizens.

We are confident that all Western Australians will come to see that there is only one way for our elected Government to fulfil our expectations for end-of-life care, and that is to give each of us equal access to excellent medical and palliative care wherever we live in WA.

What we do

Care for Life sees the life of every person not as a disposable commodity but as a gift.

We advocate for more compassionate, balanced care in all aspects of human health, including our social, relational and psychological health, from conception to natural death.

We accept and embrace the fact of death as part of the reality of life.  We do not believe people should be kept alive at all costs, but neither should we ever authorise one person to intentionally kill another.

The most humane answer lies in care and compassion, not in killing.

Our website graphic depicts a stream bringing life to a rain forest, in which most plants are green but some are dying. The same cycle of life applies to us: our living and dying are intertwined. We depend on one another to negotiate both successfully.

We invite you

We invite you to join our efforts to ensure better, truly compassionate care for all Western Australians.

Visit this page regularly to read research, news and views from around the world showing that euthanasia and assisted suicide are unwieldy, unnecessary and impossible to legislate safely.

Use the Contact Page on this site to let your Member of Parliament know what you think.

Use the same page to connect with us and to send us your comments, questions or feedback.

Care for Life launched officially in Perth on 8 November 2017.  This website is managed through the L J Goody Bioethics Centre in Mt Hawthorn, an agency of the Catholic Church offering free consultation, education and research in ethical aspects of contemporary health care practice and public health policy for the people of Western Australia.