The Elderly

How would euthanasia legislation affect the elderly?

Speaking at the 2018 Ethics Colloqium, Darryl Mackie observed how elder abuse is on the rise and one of its most common forms is financial. He quotes Sydney surgeon Robert Claxton, “Medically assisted suicide would be … an irresistible temptation to those seeking to inherit money from relatives”.


What is “quality” in Aged Care?

Prof Joseph Ibrahim acknowledges that there is some way to go on preventing abuse, neglect and restrictive practices in aged care. However, the absence of these harms do not equate to a positive culture. Residents have a right to feel safe, valued, respected and able to express and exercise choice. The underlying culture needs to ensure that at no point would an elderly person ever be made to feel they are a burden, which is one of the common reasons given in Oregon for euthanasia or assisted suicide.